In the daily life of any company, with dozens of tasks and challenges to carry out, the creation, web ranking (อันดับ เว็บไซต์ which is the term in Thai) and updating of a corporate blog do not seem to be, in appearance, a priority issue. However, a blog is a great tool to publicize a company or brand, establish a relationship with potential or existing customers, show the public as experts in our field, and inform about news in our business. It is, in short, one more resource within an effective digital marketing strategy.

Why Create A Corporate Blog

Show Who You Are

When you ask who you are and what your company does, the information on the website may not be enough to show it. Thanks to your blog, the public can get a more detailed idea of the services you offer, your company philosophy, and the projects you have done. It is also a way to communicate news and events and to expand the information that you have previously shown on social networks.

Keeps You Attentive And Active

We do not want to become transcendental, but, in some way, a blog resembles a creature that we must feed and care for if we want it to do its best. This requires, on our part, an effort to bring new and exciting topics to write about in our blog.

It Gives You Leads And Data About Your Audience

When you write an entry in your blog, you generate content that, with a bit of luck, will make many people access it through their “clicks.” Although we cannot know the identity of those people interested in our content, we can access the data they provide us: number of page views, origin, sex, search words, time spent on the page, bounce rate, devices from those who visit us, traffic sources.

Makes Your Team Shine

A work team in a company is usually made up of professionals from different areas. This mix of professional profiles generates a wealth that can be perfectly turned into different blog entries, each dedicated to the areas in which each team member is an expert.

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