UV Light Disinfection Efficacy & Coronavirus - Xenex

You should know that the decontaminating properties of UV rays on microorganisms are well known to scientists. The technology is generally used in laboratories: in the evening, after handling, the technicians disinfect the surfaces. The UV lamps hung on the ceiling then finish the purification work overnight. The device is also installed in operating theatres or very cramped waiting rooms. To increase its efficiency, a ventilation system is added to send potentially infected particles to the lamps and direct a constant flow of treated air to the patients. Studies show, for example, that ultraviolet radiation reduces the transmission of tuberculosis, which has been analysed at length by 70%. Ultimately,

Is the UV rays a miracle technology?

The manufacturers of these UV lamps an UV Systems (ระบบ uvc which is the term in Thai) claim that they have proven themselves, especially in field hospitals in Wuhan. However, let us recall once again that no scientific study has demonstrated their effectiveness in large spaces. The idea would, therefore, be to install these machines on a large scale everywhere. In other words, UV rays are not a miracle technology. The managing director of Brussels Expo also specifies that the system will represent only one more among the other directives that have already proven their effectiveness: wearing a mask and washing hands.

Reassuring Measures In Using UV Rays

When the wearing of a veil is imposed, contamination of the environment decreases sharply. Therefore, according to research, UV lamps are no longer necessarily necessary. Finally, this technology equipping large spaces such as airports or concert halls would also have a significant reassuring function. Indeed, the anxiety of contamination, the fear of the outside world, the distrust of the other grips most citizens. The questions are jostling: how will we behave in the post-coronavirus world, a world full of risks? Therefore, it will be necessary to implement different kinds of reassuring manoeuvres, sometimes with relative effectiveness, to appease the population.

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