There is no enactment law for data protection legislation in the United States. There is only a mess of hundreds of federal and state levels to keep the US residents’ information secure from any fraudsters. Enactment ordinance such as the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 US Code 41 et seq) brings constraint comportment to protect the consumer’s information and enforce confederate privacy and data protection legislation to companies.

Today’s modern world consists of people’s noses hook on a mobile device, electronic tablet, computer or laptop screen, television, etc. It is very seldom to find an individual read a book or a newspaper. All the gazettes and used to be paper-filled society now turned into paperless and more technological contraptions. 

The enhancement that this automation brought improved humanity’s livelihood big time. Sharing of information no longer takes days or months, communication turned out to be one click away, and company services transformed to be a daily convenience. 

These advantages are the contrivances that provide a real-time investment, sustenance, and entertainment. Despite these amenities, there is an affiliated disadvantage that the online world brings – and that is online fraud.

Internet fraud is a cybercrime that has been going on for how many years now. Scammers snowballed and took advantage of the technological advancement and used it to deceive their victims into earning money the fastest and easiest way.

These spreading online deceivers are the purpose of many people’s consciousness before utilizing a communication provider application.

With TeleMessage, the enterprise is known for disseminating awareness regarding archiving of text messages, WhatsApp call monitoring, and any form of mobile call monitoring, created an infographic with all the chat applications’ encryption, security, and safe usage comparison: 

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