Advertising tools are essential in helping you attract attention to your small business to the fullest, and achieve a wider reach to your potential and existing customers. In the past, TV and radio, and newspapers used to be the major tools used for advertising, but the upgrading of technology means that other tools exist to enhance your ad campaign.

Tracking Device

Computers are one of the most used and important advertising tools. With your computer, you can track the subsequent advertising tools that yield the most result for your business. Tracking your advertising efforts can be done in several ways including the use of MS Excel to form a list of your marketing methods, when they took place and the result each.


Another important tool for advertising is the internet. This versatile tool, allows businesses to advertise using bulk email services and social media sites. One way to make the most of the internet is to own a website; it is effective and inexpensive. Using SEO services ออนไลน์ มาร์เก็ต ติ้ง, you can connect with a wider audience. The internet lets you always adjust your business website content to attract your audience’s attention to the aspects of your business, to feed your customers of major announcements.

Cell Phone

The cell phone is a convenient advertising tool, it allows users to download and use apps on their smartphones that they can use to attract customers. For instance, you can use apps to inform your audience about your location or give out other business information.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication has shown to be an effective advertising tool. To facilitate advertising about your business, word of mouth can prove to be a valuable advertising tool. Using verbal communication, your business ambassadors can promote your business.

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