Wifi is a term used for a Wireless LAN (WLAN), a wireless network. Such a wireless network is often connected to a modem that provides internet access. For example, this wireless wifi network can be used for wireless internet.

How Does WI-FI work?

Thedata is sent over the air via radio waves via an access point. Often an access point is built into another wifiproduct. A wireless router and a wireless modem, therefore, have a

built-in access point.

Youreceive these radio waves with a wifi receiver on your computer or laptop.This receiver is called a client. Many laptops are equipped with a built-in wificard. Otherwise, you can, for example, use a wifi USB adapter. One canalso get information and also know Arduino wifi Price (Arduino wifiราคาwhich is a term in Thai) from many good sites on the internet.

What is the Range of Wifi?

WithWifi, the data is sent and received wirelessly via the antennas of the accesspoint and receivers. The available Range is primarily determined by thedistance and height of the antennas, the quality of equipment, and theenvironment(Walls, sources of noise, etc.). The distance of 35 meters should certainly be achievable, but this is highlydependent on the equipment used. If you use strong wifi equipment, thedistance can be even further.

What Limits the Range?

Therange of wireless Wifi is negatively affected by, among other things:

  • Reinforced concrete walls or floors
  • Metallic surfaces
  • Influence of other wireless wifi equipment
  • Influence of Bluetooth devices
  • Wireless alarm installations
  • Microwaves

How Can You Improve the wifi Range?

Place yourequipment outside the meter cupboard (e.g., connect an external router or access

  • point to your modem)

Use stronger

  • antennas

Choose a goodchannel (1, 6, or 11). For example, use Nets tumbler to

  • Find out which channel is least used.

Do not place your

  • equipment on the ground

Do not place your

  • Equipment near electrical appliances.
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