Digital and social media marketing in Auckland is carried out by specialists with a profound understanding of data and technology. But even modern-day web marketers will tell you that some of the fundamentals of traditional marketing still apply to this day. The Seven Ps are seven of them! No matter how advanced your marketing strategy, these consonants should be part of it:

  • Marketing your product isn’t just a case of telling people what you’re selling. Instead, it should be all about the advantages and benefits of what they’re buying. You also need to consider things like styling, quality, repairs, and accessories.
  • This refers to your pricing strategy and how it will affect your customers, so it’s important to learn how much your customers are willing to pay, how much mark-up you need to factor in to cater for overheads, your profit margins and payment methods, and other costs. To attract customers and maintain a competitive advantage, you might consider discounts and seasonal pricing. However, your highest priority is to convince customers that your product has a value that extends well beyond cost – and that is largely based on benefits rather than features.
  • These are the activities you employ to make your product visible and your customers aware, including advertising, sales tactics, promotions and direct marketing.
  • This is where your products and services are seen, made, sold or distributed. Traditional retail spaces can be designed to show off your product to its best advantage. If you are starting a new business, the right physical location will be a key marketing tactic – why position yourself too far away from your target market? These days,

            digital marketing demands that your online space e.g. your website is just as enticing as

            your physical one. This means superb design coupled with easy navigation and fast


  • They’re the staff and salespeople who work for your business, but as far as you’re concerned, they’re the people who will provide excellent customer service that your business needs to thrive. You might not think of recruiting as a marketing tactic but taking on the right people can give your business a genuine competitive advantage.
  • This refers to the processes involved in delivering your products and services to the customer. A smart and well-established process that is followed by everyone will ensure you consistently provide the same standard of service to your customers while saving time and money through increased efficiency.
  • Physical evidence. This refers to everything that people see when interacting with your business, including the physical environment where you provide the product or service, the layout or interior design, your packaging and your branding. It can also refer to how your staff dress and act.

No matter how advanced your marketing, always make sure you have the Seven Ps covered, They’re the fundamentals of marketing, be it digital or traditional.

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