Crime is increasing day by day in the world today. A criminal is trying to find new ways in which they can steal a thing from a person. Internet is one of the most important inventions a person has done in the history of mankind. Internet helps us to connect with several other users in the world by having a network between all of the people, but what if criminals try to use this vast network as an advantage for them. Hacking is a topic which is getting famous in the world today. It is because hacking is a source that a person can use in invading the privacy of a person. With the help of hacking a person and not only steal data from a person but can also steal money from that person. The most disgusting thing about this crime is that the person who is being affected does not know about when he or she was affected and by whom he or she was affected. That is why a person should keep protecting software like OWASP IoT Top 10. This is software that can help a person in fighting the virus which is sent by these criminals. This software is reliable for protecting your data from several types of dangers.

What is OWASP?

The full form of this thing is open web application security project. This is software that can help a person in improving the security protocols of his or her personal computer. This can also be considered as an open platform for any person on which they can create or participate in any type of project which they like. This thing has a part which is also known as OWASP top 10 which helps a person by showing the top 10 threats which can affect the security of a specific application. Every type of risk which is detected by this software is arranged based on their danger to the system. It is important to have this software on your computer because this software will help a person in keeping the security protocol of a  PC up to date. A person can check the list provided by this software and can buy antivirus software from the market. This thing can save a lot of money for a person because a person will know what type of threat he or she can have and what type of protection they need for it.

So it can be concluded that a person should have software like OWASP because this software is a simple software that sends the owner specific information about the threats which he or she can face while working. This thing can help a person in finding software like appsealing which provide every type of protection to their owners. A person should not neglect the protection of their data because this is a serious topic today and if a person surf on the internet without having any type of protection for his or her digital data, can face a big loss the further time.

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