Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a significant aspect of digital marketing. SEO is the skilful approach of increasing Google rankings and organic website traffic. Consistent blog posts are one way to contribute to a successful SEO strategy, if done correctly. Luckily, we’re here with a guide to maximising SEO impact in your website’s blog posts.

  1. What type of content

You’ll first want to identify your primary audience who you hope to reach with the blog. Understanding your audience will guide you on how to speak to them and, more importantly, what to say. Your aim is to produce content that the demographic will engage with and read. What questions are they Googling and what answers can you provide?

          2. Keyword research

Google Ads have a keyword tool to research potential keywords. You want keywords both specific and niche enough for your audience. For example, ‘Auckland caravan mechanic’ brings together three different topics under one specific longtail keyword.

         3. Blog title

The title of your blog post is the first thing readers will see before they’ve even clicked on your blog. Keywords should ideally be incorporated into your page title, as should your brand name. The title must demonstrate what content is in the blog and what information it will give. For example, ‘The 5 best train rides in Auckland | NZ Train Company’.

        4. Make it visually appealing

Google highly values visuals. Images and videos are common visual elements that appear on the search engine results page. Why? Because they are helpful for readers. Using creative graphics and original photos or video on your blogs will help your ranking as Google understands readers appreciate visual aids. Important for visually impaired website visitors, Alt text is also important for search rankings.

         5. Call to Action

Without a CTA your blog lacks purpose. The idea of adding one is to lead the user to the next step on your website. Ecommerce websites may write a blog about the top 10 must-have shirts this season. It would be good practice to link to products available on their website so users can click through and purchase the shirts listed. Sign off with a sentence such as, “Cop New Zealand’s hottest shirts today and stay stylish this summer”.

It is worth remembering that alongside the more technical tricks of blog writing, reader experience is every bit as important. Google understands that blogs should be informative and well written. Readability, formatting and page speed all contribute. Your blogs should be crystal clear and comprehensive. Ensure your blogs answer questions your target audience may be asking. With this guide at hand, you can improve your blog searchability with these important SEO tips.

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