Technology has indeed made life easier day by day with all its new developments and features. But managing this can be super hectic, and I’m sure all of us can relate to that. Social media and apps for different purposes have jammed and stacked up in our devices and locating things and also managing them can be a lot of work. Being organised is super mandatory in life as, it reduces stress and anxiety levels and also helps one be more productive in all the work they engage in.

Literally everything we do in a day has been transferred to our smart devices and they have taken over all our chores. However, managing all these files, apps and other documents on our smart devices is annoying and also consumes a lot of time off of our busy lives. Life easier with the all-new ES File Manager that is a full-featured file manager that is a solution to all your issues and not only managing your phone and its files but also increasing efficiency and durability of your battery life that makes your life super convenient.

Best Android and TV Box File Manager

The app manages all your files just like you do on your desktop for absolutely free. You can easily locate all your files and apps by its search feature and also choose to delete, rename, cut, hide or even bookmark as per your preference. You can also just create shortcuts to all your constantly used apps, so you no longer have to spend your valuable time locating them like finding a needle in a stack of hay!

You can also share all your favourite and important documents in split seconds. So now you might be in the middle of a really important meeting, and you can now find that document you need in a matter of seconds! File manager also allows you to easily manage all your files and folders that is on your device and also your cloud storage. So, you know your life is together no matter where your files are. You can easily install ES File Explorer on Android TV for advance file organization and access.

If you have lost track of the files and apps on your phone, all you got to do is open file manager, and at a glance you’ll know all the apps and documents on your phone and easily take any action you want to, on them. This helps identify unnecessary files and also duplicate files which you can get rid of and in turn save storage of your phone and also extend the durability of your battery power saving extra battery from being wasted on unused apps. File Manager is the best solution to all that stress and will be the best personal assistant you’ll have.

Download ES File Explorer for Android TV and Fire TV

OG ES File explorer was removed from play store. Still, you can install this awesome powerful file manager and explorer application on your Android TV devices. Make sure to use external peripheral like mouse for easy usage. Because this file manager was not developed for TV boxes. You can even use virtual mouse application like MouseToggle.

There are many TV app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced, UnLinked, Aptoide TV, ApkTime and more. You can choose your favourite and easiest TV app store. Please note app stores like FileSynced, AppLinked are maintained by TV users or community. So you have to find respective TV code to access those stores via AppLinked or FileSynced.

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