Ever since its existence, Web design is changing continually. When it comes to 2020, possibilities regarding web design trends are endless since web designers are experimenting with new techniques with every passing day. 

Today, we are going to discover the trendiest website designs for this year. So, let’s see a few of the widely popular website design trends this year has brought for us;

Exceptionally Modern-Looking Dark Mode: 

Undoubtedly, the dark mode has enhanced user experience, and many of you might already have tried it. Dark mode improves popping up and visual ergonomics of other web design elements. More advantageously, it decreases the strain on the eyes.

Engaging 3D Elements:

You’ve probably seen websites featuring interactive three-dimensional elements. Did you find them engaging? Of course, “YES,” because they have intentionally fit in there to do so.  

Visually Striking Bold Fonts: 

Have you ever thought why the websites of industry leaders are catching your attention instantly? This is because of their BOLDEDHEADLINES. Due to being heavy, bold fonts are visually weightier and establish a contemporary feel sense too.    

Fascinating Micro-Animation:

Another fascinating web design trend in 2020 is all those cool mini gifs we see daily on Instagram stories. Over and above this, websites are now featuring more micro-animations in sticker-style gifs form.

Awe-Inspiring Scroll Generation:

In the present times, technological advancements are driving web designers to improve visual journeys to provide every visitor with enhanced user-experience. This is where scroll-generated sites set the bar even higher by tracking their user’s progress as the user scrolls down the page.

Edifying And Entertaining Videoing:

Video content has become a massively popular and trendy web design in 2020. And it’s becoming more accessible all the time. The reason for videoing everything these days is mainly because the users like it the most. They find the content more engaging, edifying, or entertaining.

To Wrap Up:

So, these were a few of the web design trends in 2020 we’ve come across. There are many more, no doubt. All in all, these trendy website designs are ruling over the internet by grabbing user’s attention even at first sight.

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