Many people change companies in search of a better rate quickly thanks to number portability. For this to happen, the equipment must be unlocked, something that can be done for free.

Thanks to number portability for cell phones, any natural or legal person, as long as they have ownership of the mobile phone line, can change the service provider company while maintaining the line number.

To achieve unlocking equipment, we first need the IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). It is a 15-digit code that can be found on the cell phone stickers or the invoice or warranty information.

Another option to free cell phones to access the IMEI is to dial * # 06 # on the cell phone, regardless of the company that issues the service. If the device is Dual SIM, it will deliver two different IMEIs, which will be just as useful, so it is advisable to write down both.

The IMEI number will allow a person to access the Unlock Code, with which cell phones can be unlocked for free for any company. However, the process differs.

How To Free A Cell Phone For Any Company

To Att unlock phone, the first thing to do is enter the app settings and go to “Services.” Once there, you have to look for the option “Unlock your Cellphone,” There, the user must enter the IMEI number to obtain the Unlock Code.

The next step in the process of unlocking equipment will depend on the brand. Those users of iPhone, Blackberry, or cell phones with a keyboard must perform unlocking the equipment with a Att technical advisor.

On the other hand, those who have Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Alcatel, or ZTE phones, which all run on Android, will do it on their own. The first step is to turn off the phone and insert the chip of the new service provider.

Then, it is necessary to turn on the device and enter the Equipment Unlock Code. Next, you must select the option to “lock the computer”, an action that will restart the smartphone and free it from its old company.

The process to unlock a Personal cell phone for free is simpler. The company delivers Simlock codes with the equipment used to unlock the equipment without the need to resort to the IMEI code.

In this way, for users of Personal phones who want to unlock their devices, all they have to do is contact customer service and request that they release it.

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