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The Electromagnetic Field often referred to as EMF, is a super important part of the physical world. Magnetic and electronic field naturally occurs in our bodies in association with the various muscle and nerve activities. Apart from this, there is also the natural magnetic field of the earth and the atmosphere. While the electromagnetic field is essential for your life and well-being, it also contributes massively to pollution and is thus extremely harmful to you. EMFs such as cell phone radiation affects the body at the cellular level. It leads to damages such as DNA damage, damage to the calcium ions, and membrane damage. However, we must have proper emf protection. This article will talk about the possible ways in which you can protect yourself from these harmful EMF’s.


The Primary Steps

Since cell phone radiation is a major source of EMF, the first and foremost way to protect yourself from this is by getting an EMF protection cell phone case for yourself. However, even if your phone is protected with an EMF protector, we would still recommend using a headset or choosing to text. Avoiding direct body contact with your cell phone, laptop, or computer is a must. It is safe to keep a minimum distance of 10mm between your body and these devices. Earthing helps to detoxify from harmful exposure to EMF’s.


Look into These

However, apart from these primary ways to protect yourself from the EMF’s, you can also use smartdot or healing crystals. Healing crystals possess a lot of energy. They can pass this energy to you to boost your energy field. Making your home a low EMF sanctuary is a must. For example, please switch off the wi-fi when you don’t need it. This will help to keep the electromagnetic field under control. Removing the smart meters from your home is an important way which can reduce this radiation. However, also try to stay more closer to nature. Nature helps you to become healthier and happier.

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