Dr. strange works with a mysterious girl in a dream. She can cross the multiverse and fight against various threats, including his own version of the universe, which will destroy millions of people in the entire multiverse. They sought help from the Scarlet Witch Wanda, Wang and others. Click here to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness online free, and you can also Watch Adventure Movies Online Free.

After the spider man no way home incident, Dr. strange accidentally cast a forbidden spell, accidentally opening up the multiverse. With the help of Wang and the Scarlet Witch, strange faced various versions of himself and cooperated with the young American ch á vez to go through various realities and try to recover the reality he knew. Along the way, strange and his allies realized that they had to face a powerful new opponent, and he tried to take over the multiverse.

Sam Raimi didn’t want to direct any future superhero films at first. Because of the interference of Sony studio, he was criticized and strongly opposed by the audience in spider man 3 (2007), and lost confidence in himself. However, he received a call from his agent about the film to encourage him to try again, because he liked the first strange doctor film (and the character itself) very much and wanted to see if he could meet the expectations of the audience again.

The visual effect and performance of the actors are excellent, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed. They tried to bring in so many characters to connect future films, but in doing so, the whole thing became a mess.