CuriosityStream. The best app to satisfy your curiosity on different subjects. The app offers thousands of documentaries for you to watch.

While some of us are staying hours in movies and episodes streaming services some like to satisfy their thirst of learning something new. If you are also a one who is curious about lot of things around the planet including our history, nature, science and so on then friends this is the best platform for you. CuriosityStream. As the name suggest this is truly a stream service that supports you to stream your curious titles very easily. In one place you can have many documentaries related to many topics.

You can watch your favorite documentaries on TV using Android TV box. There is a separate TV optimized with redesigned interface to operate easily with TV remote. You can download TV version from Play Store TV, Filelinked and Aptoide TV. Use other alternatives only if you are unable to install this application using Play Store TV.

This amazing app was developed by the founder of the Discovery channel that we all love no matter what our status is. This is also an incredible app that most of the people worldwide loves. Most of the people are now using this app to please their curiosity on different subjects.

No friends. This is not free. I think it is worthy to pay for the app anyhow. Because this includes almost all the things we need to clarify and know. Here you can use entries like HD or 4K according to your wish. There are subscription plans according to your entry. In both entries you can have either monthly or annual subscription. If you are looking for HD entry the monthly subscription is $2.99 and annual is $19.99. when it goes to 4K entry respectively it costs $9.99/month and $69.99/year. You can choose the best plan for you.

CuriosityStream for Android

Support all most all Android phones and tablets. You can use your default app store or third-party stores like AC Market. Since this app is much popular among Android users, you will be able to find this app on all most all app stores.

You can watch anything you prefer through this app. Some of the genres included here are:

  • Science
  • History
  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Society Lifestyle

All most all the phenomenon starting from the origin of earth up to now are included here. This app definitely allows you to gather many facts and knowledge.

There is also a separate kid’s section where you can guide your child to explore many things and learn many things. Also, they can handle the app by themselves without any aid too. Handling of the app is very easy and simple. The app will be of great help to your educating child truly.

There’s much to learn from the app and it is worthy to pay for it. Can spend your free time in a fruitful way rather than streaming movies and shows. streaming through this app is not boring. It is surely very interesting just like a film. So, try it now on all your Android and iOS devices.

Some devices get hot and loses it battery charge due to high performance demand when streaming HD content. There are many tools that can optimize your device so that it won’t get much hotter and able to watch content much longer time. Clean master, Bee Booster, AVG Cleaner are some of the Android optimizing tools available for free.

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