Web design projects are often complicated, but breaking down the steps into easy-to-understand steps makes the project easier. Here is what I call the web building process.


The discovery phase 網站製作 you and your project. This step will help you learn more about your business and your project’s goals, expected ROI, and more over time. Discovery’s office job can be a little intimidating, but I’m sure the process will be fun and exciting for both of us.

During this stage, various documents are drafted, including the initial evaluation of the project, formal proposals, specifications (contracts), etc. This phase may include the delivery and inspection of existing assets and brands. The discovery phase can also include consulting services.

Development interface

Perhaps one of the most exciting stages, the 網站製作 phase, gives you a deep understanding of all the findings. You see these ideas in a visual environment, paying attention to how the content is presented and how an image or structural design element is formed. The content will be in a certain form and the excitement will increase.

First, depending on the type of underwater project, wireframes may be presented to you for approval. After the wireframe, there is a fully done composition, including colors, spaces for artwork, or actual content.

Transform concepts into code

In the development phase, you can see that the layout of the project changes. The beautiful designs created during the design phase are converted to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in your Photoshop document. This code is called “markup” and can be used to create a basic website that can be viewed in a browser.

After the markup is saved, basic functional programming continues. In this type of programming, you can usually incorporate complex functionality into your site for use as the MySQL database language, with PHP as the default programming language. 


The test 網站製作 phase is actually several phases. During the development phase, tests were carried out. Intermediate incremental tests simplify the actual test procedure. At this point, all functionality of the site is rigorously tested on multiple device browsers and operating systems.

Functions and data representations are tested and errors are corrected immediately. We fixed unresolved errors found during development and added monitoring tools like GoogleAnalytics and server-side tools to the website.

Go into Live

Ah! We have finally reached the start-up phase of the project. On this glorious day, you officially get your hands on the symbol, the “Key to Town Hall”. The project is yours, you assign ownership and copyright accordingly, and you’re ready to go. 

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