TikTok has become a famous application around the whole world which is being used to deliver entertaining and amazing content in the form of short videos with the help of catchy special-effect features.

China has made this popular home-made app according to our research. Recently TikTok has achieved a high rank in the Google play store because of the growing popularity of this app. The application is mostly famous among teenagers and young generations. By using this platform, people especially young ones get the opportunity to create amazing and entertaining short-videos that are creative.

As kids and teenagers are using this app like crazy every day to make and watch videos, it can become addictive to them. Many parents have mentioned other issues regarding too much usage of TikTok. However, in this article, we will talk about the disadvantages of using the platform by the youth.

Disadvantages of using TikTok a lot by young generations

It can be annoying at times

The intention of creating this application was to spread fun-loving content through short-videos. But at times this fun moment can become very annoying to everyone. With passing days, the app is being seen used in every corner by almost every teen we know. 

The bad part is that plenty of teens have become dependent and addicted to TikTok. This kind of annoying addiction has created a lot of tension and worry in the minds of parents. Also, sometimes teens are blocking the road or places to create their videos for TikTok where people gather. This can create a great nuisance in our society if we don’t take the necessary steps. 


Once you open this app and start watching videos one by one, you won’t be bored. This way a lot of productive time of our days can get wasted. Especially, for kids, this can be a source of wasting their valuable time which they could spend on studying or playing outside while being social.

The number of times kids put in this video-making app could be invested in other things like developing a new skill.

Can be used to cause harassment

Some people use this app to create content that isn’t generic. They make videos to make fun of other people, communities, religions, etc. This cannot be counted as a source of innocent fun anymore.

Some contents can be inappropriate

Many parents are getting worried about the not-so-appropriate content of TikTok. No one wants to see their little girl is dancing on moves that are not for little girls. Some of the contents are not decent and suited to the age of our young generation.

Also, the privacy settings of this app are not that secure. Anyone is capable of giving messages or inappropriate invitations to your kids if you don’t look over their accounts.

Note: By avoiding the negative effects of this app, if you can use the application properly you can easily try to grow your account. It is even possible to buy TikTok followers from reliable sources.

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