Remember the time when it took days and days to deliver your message via pigeon post? Certainly not! because you had a list of inventory to send across and also you were not a roman in the 12th century. Can you imagine how the poor pigeon who even after numerous attempts managed to stoop down because of the weight of the laptop that you wanted to send to your junior? Things were melancholic back for you in those days but no more. Here are a few benefits that you see in today’s delivery affairs.

  1. Faster:

Delivery of goods ranging from big to small is now delivered within half a day. Well, some might take fewer days but they generally are delivered faster and stress-free. The faster the delivery the more happy a customer is.

  1. Intercity & intracity deliveries:

Now it’s possible to send couriers between 2 or multiple cities. You don’t have to step out today dragging a load of your courier, just search app for deliveries and voilà here is the quickest way to send couriers.

  1. Affordable charges:

Back in the days the amount to be paid for delivery was tailored and calculated based on various factors like travel & toll charges, goods & miscellaneous charges, and service charges. Eventually boiling down to the price that shook you as a consumer and you were indignant to pay it. But today there are many delivery apps that tailor-down the right price which is affordable to you as a consumer.

  1. Safe arrivals:

Customer value is what fuels any business. Today there is no point delivering a broken vase and bearing the loss. Goods are securely packed and sent for optimum customer satisfaction and service. Sure there are risks and mishaps but this is no way a stock market risk affair.

  1. Live-tracking:

Anxious about the express courier you send in the morning? Excited to know if the parcel got delivered or not? Yesteryears had you call the courier servicing partner to get answers to these questions. But today delivery apps do the job for you by their live-tracking tool. This gives you live updates as to where your parcel has reached.

  1. Multiple payment modes:

Payments are not only restricted to cash on delivery. Today you pay the amount via UPI, net banking, credit card, or debit card. Digital payment options are hassle-free and quick for customer experience. Despite this, for consumers who still wish to make cash payments, COD is always available.

Things are easy and quick. There is continuous research and development revolving around customer value and satisfaction. Not only numerous apps for deliveries are available just a click away but also peak services are their USP for consumers. Upon reading the benefits, there is no way your junior apprentice can escape work with the unavailability of a laptop. Though it’s a different story if he took a day off for the funeral of the post pigeon.


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